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Earth Eats Radio Show

Earth Eats Radio Show

My colleague Leigh Bush and I collaborated with current and former Earth Eats hosts and production staff to conduct interviews with Food Studies scholars and other food experts as guest segments. This NPR show is based at WFIU in Bloomington, IN.

Me with my co-interviewer Leigh Bush at WFIU studios at Indiana University Bloomington.

Check out the episodes in which we appeared, via Indiana Public Media:

Milk At The Intersection Of Culture, Biology And History
Does milk really help kids grow? Is dairy an important part of a healthy diet for adults? Andrea Wiley’s research interrogates our assumptions about cow’s milk.
“The Immigrant Kitchen” Is Open To All
Author Vivian Halloran analyzed food memoirs for her book “Immigrant Kitchen.” She tells her immigration story and unpacks the complicated idea of authenticity.
Georgina Ramsay: “And Suddenly No One Was Talking About Food”
Anthropologist Georgina Ramsay researched food poisoning amongst refugees in Uganda, but as she describes, starting anew in Australia led to other difficulties.
Dr. Katy Kopp Miller, On Eating Disorders
In this week’s show, an interview with psychologist Katy Kopp Miller who specializes in treating eating disorders. Then, we kick off a month of baking recipes.
The Misunderstood Carp
Anthropologist Ellen Ireland tells us the history behind our love/hate relationship with carp. Plus, simply cooked asparagus with vegan Caesar dressing.
A Systems Approach To “Selling Local”
From soil to weather to customers, farming is a system of interconnected forces. “Selling Local” takes a similar approach to analyzing the local food movement.
Food Historian Simone Cinotto And Fresh Mushrooms On A Hot Grill
Fresh mushrooms from a local grower find their way to a hot grill, and we visit with Food Historian, Simone Cinotto to talk Slow Food, and cooking in class.
Quantifying Flavor-What Data Networks Can (And Can’t) Tell Us About How We Eat
An informatics professor and an anthropologist walk into a bar...and talk about flavor networks and foodways.
Wild Rice, Food Memories, Fireflies And Monkey Scat
What can the diets of red colobus monkeys tell us about our own responses to estrogenic plant foods such as soy?
Yeast Hunting With Matt Bochman
Have you every wondered what your favorite spot in the woods might taste like in a beer? Wild Pitch Yeast might make that possible.