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Inclusive Teaching and International Students

Inclusive Teaching and International Students

In November 2019, I planned and facilitated a lunch-and-learn workshop called “Inclusive Teaching and International Students” at the University Center for Excellence in Teaching (UCET) at Indiana University South Bend.

The event coincided with International Education Week, which was celebrated on campus through many events for students, but with few activities aimed at faculty. This hour-long, lunchtime conversation featured three discussants from among the faculty and student-focused staff (alphabetically):

  • Dr. Alison Moss, Associate Faculty, Department of Sociology & Anthropology
  • Dr. Shawn Nichols-Boyle, Director of ESL and Senior Lecturer, Department of English
  • Connie Peterson-Miller, Director, Office of Admissions and Office of International Student Services

The event provided a space where faculty and student services staff could come together to discuss the profile of international students at IUSB today, effective mentoring specific to these students, and techniques and strategies we can employ to better communicate with and support them. It provided an opportunity to address inclusive teaching and learning issues unique to our campus and to discuss social equity and inclusion issues within the broader national and international policy climate.

Check out the middle part of this Twitter thread for highlights and relevant links.